With over 11,000 stores in 27 different countries, chances are that you’ve probably shopped at this global retail corporation. Most Walmart transactions go through smoothly: you buy a product, pay for it, and it’s yours. Sometimes transactions don’t go so well, leaving the customer dissatisfied. This is where the Walmart service center comes into play. In this day in age, many customers place a great deal of importance to a store’s customer service. If you find yourself in a dilemma after spending your hard earned money on an unsatisfactory product, Walmart customer service hours may come in handy. You’ll also find the list of Walmart return hours in case you need to return or exchange a damaged or unwanted item. For this reason, we’ve created a table for you to get a general overview of Walmart customer service hours below.

Monday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Walmart Customer Service Hours may vary by location*

Walmart customer service hours are from 8 AM to 10 PM on Monday through Sunday. To be clear, this standard schedule applies to the Walmart customer service desk hours, where an employee will be physically assisting you. Based on these times, you can get help from a customer service representative during the Walmart return hours from 8 AM to 10 PM. You don’t need to know the Walmart service desk hours if you’re question is about an item purchased online. Luckily for you, this retail powerhouse operates its Walmart online customer service 24/7.

If you’re eager to speak with someone but don’t want to drive to your nearby store during the Walmart service desk hours, call 1-800-Walmart between 8 AM to 6 PM and speak directly with an employee. There’s no benefit in contacting their corporate offices for service issues because they’ll direct you right back to where we started at the Walmart customer service desk hours. Use the table above for a quick look at Walmart customer service hours for most locations. Remember these are the same times (8 AM to 10 PM) as Walmart return hours, because you won’t be able to return an item before it opens at 8AM or closes at 10PM. The operating times we’ve provided are fairly constant but, like most companies, they’re subject to change. Our 3 methods to find Walmart customer service hours will ensure you’re able to find help from a customer support representative when you really need it.


We recommend using the company’s store locator for finding your nearby Walmart customer service hours. Even though this store locator () shows you general stores, remember that your store will have a service desk near the front. To find Walmart service desk hours through this locator, go to the link provided or navigate to it through Walmart’s . Enter your address, city, state, or zip to see a full list of Walmart customer service hours nearby. The Walmart return hours listed on this site are the most up-to-date and accurate hours directly maintained by the company itself.

Another quick and easy way to find Walmart customer service hours is by using Google Maps. link will take you to the Maps portion of . You can also navigate your way to this page from by clicking the “Maps” tab near the top of the page. Enter the words “Walmart customer service desk hours” and click the search button. Alternatively, you can simply search Walmart in the search bar on Google Maps. A list of all the Walmart service desk hours will be listed, along with each store’s general operating hours. Our map below allows you to find Walmart customer service hours for your neighborhood store easily by simply selecting a store on the map.

If you want to skip the internet searching and have 24/7 access to all the Walmart customer service hours nearby, the Walmart app may be for you. Begin finding your Walmart return hours with the app by downloading it through . The app is available on both the store and . It does much more than simply help you find Walmart customer service desk hours. You’ll enjoy other features such as online shopping, account management, store info, and quick access to all the Walmart return hours of each location. If for some reason you still have questions about Walmart customer service hours, scroll down to our “Commonly Asked Questions” for more help.


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What time does Walmart customer service open?
Walmart return hours?
Customer service desk hours at Walmart?
When does customer service close-open at Walmart?
Walmart service desk hours?

Keep in mind that Walmart customer service hours of operation can vary by location and may be subject to change. Either way, using our tools listed above will hep you find the exact Walmart return hours for your nearest customer service desk.  If you would like to learn more about this company, please visit their .


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Walmart return hours

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  1. If I bought a wrong service plan for my pre paid phone…can I exchange it for the rite one?

  2. I am wondering what I ordered on April 9, 2020,for $11.79? I’ve never received this order and wondering why I’m being charged. I can’t get thru the phone to ask. Please help!!

  3. i have an all state protection plan through walmart for two years. my monitor screen cracked accidental can l get a replacement. its an ONN. Brand 22 inch

  4. Walmart is ripping us off!!!!! Walmart charges $13.00 a month for UNLIMITED DELIVERY but then requires $10.00 every time we order, they say it because no delivery person is availible but for and extra $10.00 PER delivery they can find someone or else you have to wait up to 3 days for the possiblitity of getting your stuff witch seems to always be out of stock if you wait. NOW I HAVE JUST BEEN TOLD THAT MY MEMEBERSHIP IS IN MY INAGINATION MY CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT BEING BILLED AND WALMART DELIVERY HAS NO MANAGERS. ANYPLACE IN THE WORLD ONLY IN STORES.

  5. The store in Indianapolis on Lafayette Rd ,has a bad reputation, they argue with customers, they walk away and say I am on Brake. I have seen them get out of their area and go talk to another employee when they where crowded. They have there own set of rules for returns.i have call and tried to file comments with Manager he called back 2-weeks laters. I think except the way they are. Because they have not changed anything when you try to say what has happened.

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