Suntrust Bank is a public banking company headquartered in Atlanta, GA which primarily operates in the southeastern region of the United States. This banking and financial services company prides itself on being an overall solid bank, which is evident by its slogan, “Live Solid. Bank Solid. SunTrust”. Suntrust offers its clients a broad range of services such as investment services, deposit, trust services, credit, mortgage banking, capital market services, securities brokerage, asset management, and more. The Atlanta-based bank operates over 1,500 branches and over 2,200 ATMs primarily in Georgia, NC, SC, Tenessee , Virginia, Florida, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. If you’re in the Southeast and are looking for an overall solid bank, Suntrust Bank hours may be a particular topic of interest. The table below lists the general Suntrust hours for the entire week, with an in-depth paragraph underneath it for a closer look at this banks operating hours.

SunTrust hours may vary by location*
Monday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

SunTrust Bank hours for the week follow a similar schedule with many other US-based banks. Suntrust hours on Monday through Thursday are from 9 AM to 5 PM for most locations. On Friday, Suntrust opens during its regular time at 9 Am and closes an hour later (6 PM). Suntrust Saturday hours begin at the same time as well (9 PM); unlike the weekdays, however, Suntrust will close at noon on Saturday. SunTrust Bank is closed on Sundays for most locations. The table above should give you a quick look at the typical SunTrust Bank hours for Monday through Sunday.


The best way to find your nearby SunTrust Bank hours is through the bank’s official branch locator. takes you straight to the locator portion of SunTrust’s website; alternatively you can head over to and search for the “branch locator” or “FindUs”. Begin by entering your city, state, or zip code in the search bar. Select the distance you’re willing to travel by clicking the “5 Miles” button under the “Within” section. Once you’ve selected your distance in miles, specify whether you’re looking for ATMs, Branches (weekend hours, drive-thru banking, inStore branch), teller connect, financial advisors, mortgage arrivers, commercial centers, small business solutions, or any other reelect filters. Click on the navy-blue “Go” button for a complete list of SunTrust hours nearby; use the “list” and “Map” tabs right under the search bar for your preferred method of viewing your nearby SunTrust Bank hours.

Another great way to find SunTrust Bank hours is through Google’s official Maps website. Head over to the official Google Maps page through or go to and search “SunTrust Bank hours” after selecting the “Maps” tab. Google will provide you with a complete list of SunTrust hours for all your nearby branches or ATM locations. Other information provided on the left side of the page include’s each branch’s customer reviews, address, phone number, distance, driving directions, and much more. The map below this paragraph shows you a list of branches nearby; select a particular one to view its unique SunTrust Bank hours and more.

The last tool we recommend for finding SunTrust Bank hours is the bank’s official mobile app. The is available for both and users in the respective links listed. This mobile banking app does much more than providing you with SunTrust hours; its a complete self-service banking recourse for your mobile phone or device. You can check balances (with or without signing in), transfer funds, pay bills, view your transaction history, deposit checks, view images, and much more with this secure app. Finding SunTrust Bank hours have never been easier for those of us always on the go; simply download the app, sign in, and prepare to have any SunTrust Bank related information right in the palm of your hand.


SunTrust, like the majority of American banks, follows a modified schedule during the holidays. The above should give you the ability to tend to all your banking needs straight from your fingertips. In case you need to visit an actual brach or ATM, we’ve listed the SunTrust Bank holiday hours in the table below this paragraph. Generally, SunTrust Bank is open on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Black Friday Halloween, and a list of other holidays shown in the table below. SunTrust Bank hours during the holidays may not necessarily be closed on certain day, but have modified hours; this is the case for (Christmas/New Years) Eve. SunTrust Bank will close early on both New Years Eve and Christmas Eve for most branches.

On the other hand, SunTrust Bank is closed on New Years Day (early), Presidents Day, MLK Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (AKA the 4th of July), Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please note that just like regular SunTrust hours, SunTrust holiday hours can vary and are subject to change. The SunTrust Bank holiday hours listed below are a general reference and may not apply to all SunTrust branches. We recommend checking with your neighborhood branch to find its exact SunTrust holiday hours; you can also use any of the 3 tools outlined above to find this information.



Black FridayFathers Day
Christmas EveMothers Day
Cinco de MayoSt. Patrick's Day
Easter MondayTax Day
Good FridayValentines Day
Mardi GrasFather’s Day


New Years Day Labor Day
Columbus DayMemorial Day
Presidents DayIndependence Day
Veterans DayThanksgiving Day
Easter SundayVeterans Day


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What time does SunTrust Bank open?
What time does SunTrust Bank close on Sunday-Saturday?
SunTrust Bank closing time?
When does SunTrust Bank open-close?
SunTrust Bank opening hours?
Is SunTrust Bank open today?

Keep in mind that SunTrust Bank hours of operation are subject to change and may vary by a branch’s location. We recommend using the 3 tools outlined above for finding your personal SunTrust hours of operation. To learn more about this Atlanta, Georgia based banking company, visit their official website .


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