Find Costco Pharmacy hours for Monday through Sunday by scrolling directly to the table shown below. Costco is known globally for offering its customers a large variety of products and services for great prices. The pharmacy (like the gas and tire) department in this member-only warehouse club is no different. Costco Pharmacy values people, good service, low prices, and of course you (the customer!). The pharmacy offers a helpful environment where each patient is thuroughly taken care of. Costco Pharmacy offers private counseling sessions where members can feel at ease while sharing their detailed health info. Each pharmacy location is also a health center, where members can receive consultation services for various areas of health-related topics. Enjoy services such as computerized patient profiles, IVR service, adult immunizations, med management, medication review, allergy checking, and of course top-quality products. Whether you’re looking for health counseling with a listened pharmacist or to simply fill a prescription, Costco has got you covered. The table below lists the general Costco Pharmacy hours for the entire week, along with in-depth info regarding these operating times in the paragraph beneath it.

Monday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Costco Pharmacy hours may vary by location*

The following is a guide to help you find Costco Pharmacy hours, which are listed in the table above. Typically during the weekdays, Costco Pharmacy hours are 10 AM to 7 PM on Monday through Friday. The weekend begins with the same 9 hour operating schedule, except shifted an hour earlier than the previously listed days. On Saturday, Costco Pharmacy will open both an hour earlier (9 AM) and close an hour earlier (6 PM) as well for most locations. Some companies (such as Chic-Fil-A and Discount Tire) do not operate on the last day of the week, whether it be for religious or employee-related reasons. Though Costco itself remains open on Sunday, don’t expect to walk in and drop off a script that day like most pharmacies. Costco Pharmacy is closed on Sunday. In summary of the typical weekly hours listed above, Costco Pharmacy hours are 10 AM-7 PM (Monday to Friday), 9 AM-6 PM (Saturday), and closed on Sunday. To find the exact operating hours for your Costco Pharmacy, use the 3 tools listed in the section below.


We believe the most up-to-date tool for finding Costco Pharmacy hours is through their official store locator. After clicking  link, you’ll be taken to the  official Costco Store Locator. Begin by typing your city, postal code, or address and clicking on the search button. The next step is to filter the results for stores which include pharmacies, which is the service we’re basing our search on. You’ll then be directed to a page containing a list of Costco Pharmacy locations in your general area. Select an individual store to view their unique Costco Pharmacy hours of operation. Additional info provided can be found with this tool such as each pharmacy’s phone number, address, and weekly schedule. We recommend using this method as your first step in your search for finding nearby Costco Pharmacy hours. Since the locator described above is directly operated by the ,  you can be sure to receive the most accurate and dependable info available.

The second easy and reliable method for finding Costco Pharmacy hours is through . Go to the following  to be taken directly to the page displaying your nearby Costco Pharmacy. Select an individual store to view its pharmacy’s hours, phone number, address, driving directions, and customer reviews. Every individual pharmacy is represented by a red icon above its that unique location. The section displayed on the ride-hand side of your screen is each location’s unique Costco Pharmacy hours. Use the map below to view similar search results in a more timely fashion. Select a certain pharmacy to view its info, which includes its distance from you (in miles), operating hours, and more. is an easy-to-use tool that’s maintained regularly. This makes it  another effective method for finding your local Costco Pharmacy hours.

Despite the various mobile apps on the market for finding pharmacies, none are as efficient as Costco’s official app. A link directing you straight to the website for the mobile app can be found . Now you have the convenience of knowing Costco Pharmacy hours for a variety of locations straight from the palm of your hand. The user-friendly app is available for both and users. The app allows you to do much more simply find Costco Pharmacy hours. Enjoy a variety of features and services on the app such as the ability to refill prescriptions, find drug pricing/info, search health & wellness clinics, check your prescription status, and much more!


What time does Costco Pharmacy close?
What time does Costco Pharmacy open?
What time does Costco Pharmacy close on Sunday-Saturday?
Costco Pharmacy closing time?
When does Costco Pharmacy open-close?
Costco Pharmacy opening hours?
Is Costco Pharmacy open today?

As a reminder, Costco Pharmacy hours can vary by location and are subject to change. We suggest using the 3 methods listed in the section above to find your neighborhood’s Costco Pharmacy hours of operation. To learn more about this global warehouse’s pharmacy, visit their website found . To speak with a  rep about questions for their drug store department, call Costco Pharmacy phone number (1-800-607-6861).  A Costco Pharmacy agent will be available to answer your questions during the following Costco customer service hours: 5 AM to 7 PM on Monday through Friday and 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday. If you happen to need assistance outside of these times or prefer to write to an agent, send them an . For more specific inquires on the company or its pharmacies, refer to the Costco Pharmacy Corporate Office Headquarters address: 802 134th St. SW Bldg. C Suite 140 Everett, WA 98204. Get in touch with customers just like yourself through Costco’s social media pages (, , , , , ).


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